Our Approach

The class content changes as we practice a variety of different aspects of martial arts including: basic technique, kata, kumite, self defense applications and some weapons work. All beginning students have an individual lesson plan that will allow their progress and development to be monitored closely.

Conveniently Located in Tri-County, Ohio

Located in Tri-County and minutes from the 71 and 75.

Meet the Instructors

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Kyoshi Lawrence C. Hawkins

Kyoshi Lawrence C. Hawkins, Jr. Esq.

Founder and Chief Instructor Yoseikan II Dojo, Cincinnati, Ohio
Chairman Emeritus United States Chito-kai
Began Study of Chito-Ryu in 1962
Current Rank: Hachi Dan (Eighth degree black belt)

Occupation: Attorney-at-law

Lawrence C. Hawkins, III

Shihan Lawrence C. Hawkins, III, Esq. Began study of Chito-Ryu: 1982 Current Rank: Yon Dan (Fourth degree black belt) Date of Sho Dan: 3/13/1999 Occupation: Attorney-at-law

Laura Stith Deck

Shihan Laura Stith Deck, Ph.D Began Chito Ryu: 1983 Current Rank: Yon Dan (Fourth degree black belt) Date of Sho Dan: 8/25/91 Occupation: Psychologist (specializing in children and adolescents)

Gregory Morris

Sensei Gregory Morris, B.A. Began study of Chito-Ryu: 1979 Current Rank: San Dan (Third degree black belt) Date of Sho Dan: 10/17/1998 Occupations: CFO/Owner A Designer’s Workshop Inc. Musician

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